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    Wuxi Ben-Yon Automatic Equipment Co., Ltd .Main Products is marking machines, including pneumatic marking machine, laser marking machine, metal electro-chemical marking machine, inkjet printer, etc.She was founded in 1998, its predecessor, Ben positron Wuxi Institute of Applied Technology, the company is located in the beautiful Taihu Lake - Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, has now developed into a professional mechanical and electrical integration equipment, research, development, production and sales of high-tech enterprises, is China's industrial marking laser and pneumatic equipment manufacturing industry pioneer, is well-known manufacturer of marking equipment.

   The company employs 50 people, including 90% who have a bachelor degree or above, with a number of mechanical, electronic technology, computer and other areas of senior technical staff, and more from the PLA Information Engineering University, visiting professor of software engineering to guide long-term , while the company firmly rely Nanjing University State Key Laboratory of mechanical and electrical integration of the latest research results, to be introduced and the transformation of the enterprise technology always walk in the forefront of the industry. 2010, the company received the first batch of interns Jiangnan University, led by researchers in the company to go to work smoothly, as do our duty and social development in Wuxi.

   Companies adhere to "high-tech, high-quality, excellent service" for the development strategy, focusing on identification of products to meet individual customer requirements, providing customers with a complete range of systematic identification solutions. Pursue "people-oriented, multi-Fang Xiyue" win-win state.

Company's core philosophy:

Respect for the individual, the company team

We help each other, trust each other! We see the talent for the company's most valuable asset, adhering to the spirit of good faith, mutual cooperation, continuous improvement, work area to meet the mark facing the daunting challenge of international and domestic.

  Encourage learning, the pursuit of innovative companies

We learn from each other and progress together, we continue to challenge their ability to innovate, focus on the field of international technical exchange and cooperation marks, learn advanced marking technologies and management methods, and applied to production practice. Through technological improvements and innovations for the market to provide higher standards and better performance of first-class marking products and services.

  Market-oriented, customer satisfaction, the company

Ben Yang has 10 years of experience, with a considerable size and R & D design team, the programmable control of pneumatic marking, laser optics design and industrial areas with online marking depth research and extensive experience in design and production. You give us a idea, we will give you satisfied with the high specification products.

Last Modified : 2018 - 04 - 27
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